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Eric Chemi

Husband • Father • Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Eric Chemi, a media and storytelling expert based in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

I’m currently a Senior Vice President in charge of broadcast strategies for Bospar, a highly regarded and award-winning boutique tech PR agency. My focus is helping companies talk better, whether through media training, broadcast interview coaching, social media consulting, podcast advising, improving digital video efforts, or other related services.

My career is the consummation of many different chapters spent exploring technology, data analytics, business, finance, and media.

In 2021 I sold my startup insurance agency, Team & Total. Our strong early growth was driven by our digital video and social media output, plus our focus on data-driven decision making.

Prior to that, I spent many years working in business media, both for CNBC and Bloomberg. You can see some of my past CNBC work here. Over the years I’ve popped up in places like Morning Joe, The Today Show, the Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Before getting into the media, I worked on Wall Street as a trader, researcher, and hedge fund analyst.

Years ago, I was an early pioneer of sports data analytics, running “Moneyball” analysis for NASCAR teams and broadcast organizations. As a result, I’ve been a frequent moderator at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference over the years. You can watch some of those videos here. And that harkens back to my MIT days, where I first got to know the conference’s cofounder, NBA executive Daryl Morey, and interviewed him on my college radio show.

My career has gifted me many fascinating experiences and amazing people to learn from. I’m now most excited about working directly with my own clients to help them grow their own businesses.

For more, or if you’d like my help, you connect with me on LinkedIn.


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