Episode 046

Daniela Musano

Owner, Araya Rebirth

by | Sep 29, 2021

Show Notes:

Daniela started her business at just 23 years old. And to be a successful entrepreneur, she says, you have to be OBSESSED. She learned from her father about attention to detail, risk-taking, and work ethic. How did she come up with the name Araya? With an assist from a clairvoyant! As for how she ended up in this downtown Ridgewood location, it was by chance, at the very last second, despite the landlord already having a deal to lease the space to somebody else.

What motivates Daniela is that she loves her clients, loves her employees, and relishes being positive and smiling. It’s hard to find good workers, she acknowledges. A high level of professionalism is key. Too many Ridgewood businesses think that they’ll succeed simply by opening up shop, yet they skip over the basics.

Daniela once tried to sell her business. And she says she’s still open to selling—as long as she can still work there as an employee!