Episode 042

Jim Parks

President, Parks Wealth Management

by | Sep 1, 2021

Show Notes:

Jim Parks is one of the nicest people you’ll meet. His big smile and patient approach make him an ideal fit for serving clients during periods of extreme market volatility. Jim is a wealth manager, based right here in downtown Ridgewood. He tells me how he got into this industry out of college, and how he leapt from employee to owner. 

Managing somebody’s wealth is a tricky game, as the ups and downs of money can bring out people’s raw emotions. Jim has to strike that balance of building trust during both the good times and the bad. He tells me about difficult client situations, his approach to growing the business, and how he customizes unique solutions for each client.

We also talk about the pricing model for a wealth manager, especially given the rapid increase of online DIY trading platforms. Jim explains how his approach is different from competitors, and even when he’s had to fire clients!