Episode 041

Eric Fluet

Owner, Get it Done Marketing

by | Aug 24, 2021

Show Notes:

Ridgewood resident Eric Fluet somehow transformed a long career in the amusement park industry into his own marketing firm, focusing on…you guessed it…amusement parks.

He gets the luxury of working right in a small office in Ridgewood itself, and has the fun of helping out various amusement parks around the country. His model is to do freelance marketing, for firms that need a CMO-level person, but only for specific projects or certain other special needs. Eric talks about how Covid derailed what would have been a huge 2020 for him, the lessons learned in figuring out the right pricing structures, how he finds new business, and how he’s learned to manage working on several clients at once.

Eric talks about his career starting as a young ride operator making a couple bucks an hour, how and why prices for big amusement parks have skyrocketed, and the different jobs he’s had across the country. He also shares some hidden gem locations that can be done as a day trip from Ridgewood.