Episode 040

Arthur Lynch

Founding Partner, Lynch Law Firm

by | Aug 18, 2021

Show Notes:

Arthur Lynch and his brother have been running the Lynch Law Firm for almost 30 years. We talk about how he grew up working hard in the Bronx, why he decided to be a lawyer, and how he ended up doing personal injury cases.

We talk about what it’s like running a business with his brother, and how he splits his time between legal work and actually running his business. We also talk about the big marketing push his firm has made in recent years. You can’t drive on the highway without seeing one of their billboards. Arthur also talks about the common mistakes people make when protecting themselves, whether it’s through insurance or legal services. 

His background is fascinating because he spent many years defending insurance companies (and their clients) in lawsuits—but eventually changed sides, now working for plaintiffs who are looking to get compensated for their injuries. We get into the pros and cons of the American legal system, and how he avoids falling into the trap of the “ambulance chasers” that can often put a bad mark in his profession.