Episode 039


Media personality, Barstool Sports

by | Aug 11, 2021

Show Notes:

Michael McCarthy – aka “Large” from Barstool Sports – talks about his path from the trading floor to the media world.  Many years ago, his edgy writing spread all across the Wall Street trading community. His popularity within the financial industry helped make his employer lots of money, but eventually that notoriety put him in the crosshairs. To keep his trading career going, he had to bury that side of his personality for over a decade. 

Many years later, he eventually left Wall Street completely and got a full-time job at Barstool. He came full circle, as he had turned down an offer from Barstool ten years earlier.

Large shares the story of how he got that nickname, his growing role within the Barstool empire, the hidden business aspects of the firm that most fans don’t see, and his unique role working there as a Wall Street veteran. We talk about some of the company’s criticisms, what outsiders don’t realize about Barstool, and the uncertain path for where the media industry is headed next.