Episode 038

Nausil Zaheer

Owner, Karma Organic Spa

by | Aug 4, 2021

Show Notes:

This week I sit down with the owner of Karma Organic Spa, in Downtown Ridgewood, to hear how Nasuil Zaheer made the American Dream his own. An immigrant from Pakistan, he was working as a high-end waiter until he decided to open his own nail salon. But not just any nail salon–a fully organic one, whose products now draw an international following and are often featured by big-time influencers on social media. 

First though, Nas had to go to cosmetology school, where he was the only guy in class. Nas shares the reasoning behind why he started Karma Organic, why he picked Ridgewood for his first location, and how he was able to remove all the dangerous chemicals that other nail products typically include. 

Nas shares his struggles and ability to pivot during the pandemic by leaning on his online product sales. We discuss why his employees have stayed with him for so long, what feeds his entrepreneurial spirit, and how he plans to keep growing his business.