Episode 037

Bart Feder

Principal, Bart Feder Executive Coaching

by | Jul 28, 2021

Show Notes:

Bart Feder had spent an entire career in the media business, working across the country in TV and radio news, both as an on-air presence and management executive. He rose up to roles including General Manager, Senior VP, and CEO for some of the country’s biggest news brands. 

Much of his focus was training other leaders to grow, helping his company by maximizing the department heads who reported to him. This leadership coaching is what led to Bart deciding to eventually go out on his own and start his own executive coaching practice.

We talk about the specific traits that the best leaders all share, and how his practice will help bring that out of people. Bart also explains the special training and education one needs to be an executive coach, it’s not something that just anybody can do. He also shares his experience in growing his business, how he plans to grow, and advice for parents thinking about raising their own kids to fulfill their potential.