Episode 036

Stacey Kliesch

Founder, Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, Architect LLC

by | Jul 21, 2021

Show Notes:

Stacey Kliesch is a North Jersey native and longtime Ridgewood resident. She talks about how she ended up in architecture, and her career transition from being an employee to running her own business. We discuss both the joys and the frustrations of being in charge of everything.

Stacey explains why people need to hire an architect and gives some examples of how things can go wrong when a consumer tries to renovate without one. She also describes how she selects certain projects over others, and why she won’t work with her own friends.

Homebuilding is in a unique time right now, so we talk about the impact of the pandemic on labor and materials shortages–along with the massive waiting lists people face right now, and whether renovation is more or less attractive as a result.