Episode 035

Paige Amesbury-Morris

Owner, Meetings By Design

by | Jul 14, 2021

Show Notes:

Paige Amesbury-Morris says many people are confused by what she does. They think she’s a party planner. But her events are massive corporate affairs, with 15,000 people or more. It’s a serious business.

Typically her clients are the world’s largest corporations, who have immense logistical challenges in gathering their employees in one physical place. Just getting them all together at the same time is Paige’s job. Flights and hotels and buses are just the beginning. Her company has a trained army across the country ready to step into action where needed. 

Paige tells me about how she was out West when the pandemic suddenly intensified and how she barely made it back home. She also tells me how companies are now fighting to gather in person again, only to find hotel waiting lists are years out. Only a few U.S. cities even have enough convention space and hotel rooms to accommodate such large events, so the choices of where to go are limited. 

Paige tells me how she got into such a unique business, and why she keeps Ridgewood as her home—even though all her events are typically far away.