Episode 033

Amy Nidds

Owner, White Glove Getaways

by | Jun 30, 2021

Show Notes:

Ridgewood resident and former Wall Street veteran Amy Nidds has had a love of travel her entire life. After criss-crossing the globe, she eventually transitioned all the knowledge she’d built up into being a full-time travel advisor. She helps families navigate the complex world of hidden perks, discounts, and other services that mere mortals would never know about. We also talk about how travel agents get paid. 

Amy started her business, White Glove Getaways, just a few months before the pandemic hit. But now that travel is reopening, business is booming. Trips are already having to be booked out pretty far in advance. Amy shares some secrets of her trade, and gives important reasons for *why* travelers should use an advisor to avoid the problems that can pop up when people booking travel on their own, like overbooked and canceled hotel rooms; unavailable rental cars; and secret discounts and bonuses being lost. 

Plus, she tells us the best under-the-radar places to go that aren’t just the typical touristy getaways.