Episode 032

Dr. Daniel Yoo and Dr. Katie Passman

Owners, Glen Rock Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

by | Jun 23, 2021

Show Notes:

Three years ago, the sudden passing away of their father after a long battle with cancer brought together a brother and sister who had been thousands of miles apart. For many years, Dr. Daniel Yoo and his sister Dr. Katie Passman had dreamed of working together and opening up their own practice. 

Life kept getting in the way, but after their father’s death, they knew it was finally time to make their dreams reality. “Dr. Dan” left behind his home, job, and lifestyle to move to Ridgewood. His sister was already living here, and they opened Glen Rock Smiles last year—in the middle of the pandemic. He’s the dentist, and she’s the orthodontist. They focus solely on children. 

Now coming up on one year in business together, I sit down with the sibling duo and talk about how and why they finally made this happen, what it was like organizing all this during the pandemic, and of course, what are the worst possible things kids can eat?

Many siblings would probably struggle to work together, but these two make it seem easy and fun.

Learn more at: glenrocksmiles.com