Episode 026

Kerri Pilchik

Owner, Kerri Pilchik Design

by | May 12, 2021

Show Notes:

After spending 14 years as an environmental lawyer in Manhattan, Kerri Pilchik finally broke out to follow her passion as a fulltime interior designer. She now has her own firm right here in Ridgewood. 

Kerri shares with me how Covid has dramatically changed her business: demand has skyrocketed while supplies have diminished. She even tells me how the big ice storm in Texas caused a delay in *foam* which led to delays in furniture manufacturing.

We talk about the business aspects of her job: different pricing models in her industry, how she decides to split her time among competing priorities, and what unique qualities make her stand out from the competition. Also fascinating is how her experience as a lawyer has been so valuable in her career as a designer.