Episode 025

Jennifer Parsekian

Broker Associate, KW Village Square Realty

by | May 5, 2021

Show Notes:

Jennifer Parsekian is a lifelong Ridgewood resident, and has spent the last 28 years as a real estate agent in town. She shares with me the crazy stories of what business has been like over the past 12 months, how prices have spiked up, and how she considers herself a therapist to many buyers and sellers. 

Parsekian also reveals some of the business side of being an agent: are commissions negotiable? What happens if I use a cheaper broker? What happens if I try to sell the house on my own? She also tells me how HGTV has changed expectations for buyers.

It’s a fascinating episode about what’s been changing in town. Despite the high prices and high taxes, Parsekian is optimistic about the economy here because there is still high demand for people who want to move to the area.