Episode 018

Rob Wunder

Co-Founder, YumEarth

by | Apr 7, 2021

Show Notes:

Rob Wunder is the rare entrepreneur who co-founded two companies in two totally different industries and led the way in fundamentally changing each one. 

His YumEarth venture kicked off the entire organic candy category in America. YumEarth won many awards and was the leading organic candy company in America — and in many other countries. It even inspired the candy industry to remove harmful ingredients from other existing products, and its legacy lives on through the entire organic candy category. 

Before that, Rob created VoiceNet, a standalone calling card company that changed calling cards forever–until mobile phones made the industry obsolete. We discuss his innovations there, including rounding calls to six-second increments and eliminating per-call surcharges and high rates. 

We talk about how Rob achieved all of this without being an expert in either industry. How he hired (and fired), how he grew, how he knew when to trust his instincts, and the biggest challenges he had to overcome. It’s especially impressive as Rob had barely made it through college before launching both of these massive successes. And we talk about what might be next for this incredible entrepreneur.