Episode 014

Meg Antonelli

TikTok Influencer “Costco Mamma”

by | Mar 24, 2021

Show Notes:

Meg Antonelli has seemingly out of nowhere become a massive sensation on TikTok. The lifelong Ridgewood native (who grew up and raised her family here until a few months ago) has generated millions of views from her “Costco Momma” profile, reviewing food and drink items in under 60 seconds. The crazy part is that the popularity grew out of her first video, posted just this past December.

The national news media has written stories about some of her biggest hits, her family gets recognized in public (even while wearing a mask!), and companies of all sorts are reaching out asking if she would review their products.

What started as an innocent video about three-flavored hummus has turned into an entire social media ecosystem. Meg talks about handling her newfound popularity, the business of “influencing”, and which types of videos do better than others. She also gives her advice to individuals and brands who want to make a name for themselves on social media.

You can find “Costco Mamma” at this link: https://www.tiktok.com/@floridamomof3?lang=en