Episode 010

Hyungmin Mun

Owner of Bibillia Restaurant

by | Mar 10, 2021

Show Notes:

Hyungmin Mun is the owner of Bibillia, one of Ridgewood’s newest restaurants. Min had the unfortunate luck, because of construction delays, of having his restaurant open in March 2020…exactly when the pandemic hit.

But he is so confident in the quality of his fast-casual Korean bowls that he still plans for this location to become the flagship (and kitchen) for additional franchise locations. (I will personally admit I find the food delicious.) 

We talk about Min’s background in visual media, art and graphic design has impacted the way he runs the story. Min also describes how his father’s passing led him to open his own restaurant, and the fact that his mom is the only person who knows the recipe for their cult-hit sauces. And if you’re thinking of working here, Min shares the number one qualification he looks for in his hiring decisions…the answer might surprise you.