Episode 006

Josh Ford

Owner of Ford Legal

by | Feb 17, 2021

Show Notes:

This week I sit down with Josh Ford, a true modern Renaissance man. He’s a geologist who became a Manhattan corporate lawyer, and then went out to start his own business, Ford Legal, based right here in downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey. But wait there’s more…Josh is a computer programmer, and the co-owner of an environmental trucking business, Grid Logistics.

He tells me about how all his many career experiences have come together to create this specialty niche. I also learn about dirt arbitrage, trying to read through PDFs that are 16,000 pages long, and the fact that you can indeed negotiate a lawyer’s bill after the fact. And don’t miss the very end, when Josh explains why he got into a car with a wiretapped FBI informant of the Gambino crime family.